External grants (most recent first)

  1. National Science Foundation, SES1851915, 2019-2022 (co-PI) $522,987
    "Developmental game theory and decision-making".

  2. National Institute on Aging, 1R21AG046917-01A1, 2015-2018 (co-I) $453,312
    "A neuroeconomic study of choice consistency in aging".

  3. National Science Foundation, SES1425062, 2014-2018 (co-PI) $498,998
    "Attentional lookups as a measure of reasoning and motivation".

  4. Microsoft Corporation, 2012-2013 (Co-PI) $78,000
    "Economic and emotional incentives against piracy".

  5. Federal Communications Commission, 2010 (Co-PI) $90,000
    "A theoretical model and laboratory test of the interaction between market structure, media ownership and market performance".

  6. Microsoft Corporation, 2009 (Co-PI) $40,000
    "Competition and Cooperation in Markets with Standards".